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About Us


Parackal Digital Media is one of the most highly recognised digital marketing companies in the world. Providing solutions to clients worldwide, servicing needs for both local and international markets. We have been obsessed with providing comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategies to our clients since our inception back in the early 2000s.

Parackal Digital Media has since grown to dominate global markets by providing optimised, result-driven, and data-focused Digital Marketing solutions; To enhance the brand awareness of our clients, and enabling effective communications to their intended target audiences. Playing a vital role in the marketing and development of over 20 global brands, Parackal Digital Media prides itself on being able to support and facilitate our clients through understanding their specific requirements and providing comprehensive insight into all their Digital Marketing needs.

Our dedicated team of experts in Digital and Marketing Strategy, User/Customer Experience and Technology and Software Development, strive to provide a sweeping and all-encompassing service to our clients to ensure we bring the most out of every project.

Do you want to develop a marketing strategy for your business?

Reach out to the friendly team at hello@parackaldigitalmedia.com.au to learn what Parackal Media Company can do for your business.